Parents must stop babying children, warns MP

Childhood advisor claims mums and dads are too intrusive


Claire Perry MP has warned that children are being “babied” by overzealous parents and not encouraged to fend for themselves.


In an interview with The Times, David Cameron’s advisor on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood claims children’s lives are being filled with too many organised activities while dangers such as the internet are ignored.

Perry, a mother-of-three, told a reporter that parents “subjugate their own ambition into their kids,” and admitted she too used to “hover” over her children, but has now backed off and they are “better off as a result”

“We’ve created a treadmill, it’s usually the mother that is orchestrating all of that and doing all the driving,” said Perry.

“We worship this feminine motherhood thing and I don’t think our children have benefited actually. They’re babied a lot.

“That makes it harder when they get to university and realise they haven’t got a mother to help them with their homework, watching their every move. We’ve all done it.”

The MP for the Devizes constituency also warned that mums and dads should keep a tight rein on discipline saying, “Good parenting isn’t just about making sure they come top in maths, but all the difficult stuff too. If they don’t learn the limits from us, who will tell them?

This was particularly true of monitoring internet usage, about which she claimed most parents are “living in a digital oblivion”

Controversial words from MP Claire, but what do you think? Do you love to fill your child’s day with activities? Or do you take a more laissez fair stance? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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