Parents research baby toys more than any other purchase

Study reveals parents spend more time researching baby and toddler toys than mobile phones


A study has revealed that toys and baby food are the most highly researched products by parents, outstripping complex mobile phones and computer printers. 


The survey of 13,000 shoppers showed that when buying for baby, parents go through a complex decision-making process.

When it came to shopping for baby toys, over three-quarters of respondents said “I like to compare brands”.

Parents use up to 11 ‘touchpoints’ – such as websites, apps, ads and social networking – to find out about toys before buying.

Researchers also said baby toys were the second most emotionally rewarding purchase, after video games, with 50% of parents agreeing, “I don’t just buy brands for functional reasons, I also get an emotional reward out of it”.

The study claims baby food is a “passion purchase” – which means it’s considered emotionally rewarding and relatively risky, so decisions about what brand to buy are made with great care.

The findings showed that 83% of people think that when it comes to buying baby food “it’s really important to buy a brand you trust.”

The PeopleShop study was conducted by shopper agency Arc.


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