Parents row twice as much after having a baby

Arguing between couples increases when they become parents, according to a recent study


Every couple argues at some point, but new findings by a MumPoll survey of 3,000 parents suggest that bickering doubles when couples have a baby.
“Before embarking on parenthood, couples should realise the demands this puts on any relationship,” said a spokesman for the researchers at MumPoll.


“No one can under estimate how hard it is to maintain a happy and healthy relationship while adjusting to being a mum and dad.”

Typical couples bicker around seven times a day, but after a baby is added into the equation, this increases to around 11 a day, which is 4,015 rows a year, according to the Daily Mail.

One in four hardly ever agree over choosing the time for their children to go to bed, the survey discovered.

The survey also put a list together of the Top 10 Parental Rows, which are:

1. How to discipline the children
2. Not having any money
3. Being too busy to see each other
4. The children’s bedtime
5. What the children should eat
6. Who should tidy up the toys
7. The fact you never talk any more
8. You can’t go out together whenever it takes your fancy
9. Who should do the washing
10. How much you are spending on toys and treats for the children

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