Parents spend £188 on Christmas presents for other people’s kids

That’s at least £5 per child – and over £100 for your own


Buying Christmas presents for your own family can be challenging enough, so we’re flabbergasted to hear that parents apparently spend £188 on gifts for children other than their own. So who are these children? Two groups it seems – their own friends’ children and their children’s friends – on average 4 gifts for each. 


And how much? According to the survey of 2,700 parents by games and jigsaw manufacturer Orchard Toys, parents are spending between £5 and £15 on each gift. 

When it comes to children of relatives we spend a lot more – around £23 each. All those nieces and nephews soon add up.

And of course, when it comes to our own children… the money really starts to kick in. The research found that over half of parents spend more than £100 on their own children’s Christmas gifts.

So this has got us wondering – how much do you spend on your kids at Christmas? And are there other children you need to buy for? Let us know in the comments below.

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