Parents told not to worry about their late talking toddlers

Toddlers slow to talk are won’t necessary have problems later, says new study


Parents can breathe a sigh of relief after a new study, by a University inAustralia, revealed that slow starters in speech aren’t destined for mental health problems.


“Expressive vocabulary delay at the age of two years is not in itself a risk factor for later behaviour and emotional disturbances,” the reports says, reports Reuters. This is great news for mums and dads worried about a slow start in speech will put their child at risk

Although late talkers appeared to have more psychological problems than their peers, this had vanished by the time they reached 5 with many problems not reappearing until the child was 17.

A late start in language is said to be fine as long as the child develops typically in other areas.

However, the study has stressed it is important to continue to pay attention if your child does not catch up with their peers as persistent language deficits have been linked to mental health problems.

Was your tot a late talker?

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