Being pregnant isn’t something you can really comprehend until you’ve actually been there.


So knowing the right thing to say to someone who’s pregnant can be a tricky business.

There are some things you definitely, definitely don’t say, though, as proven by reddit user shiann121’s hubby.

On the forum site’s Baby Bump thread, she explained one of the definite no-no things her husband had said to her:

"My favourite so far has been, 'Millions of women have had babies before you and all of them turned out okay!’

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"... no. No, they have not all turned out okay. That may have been the closest to being strangled by an angry, small pregnant lady he's ever gotten, folks.

"(I was already not happy because I'm upset about all the tearing and stuff and this was his sad, sorry attempt at being comforting.)”

She then asked for a little solidarity from fellow preggo’s, and boy, could they deliver!

Here are some of the best worst things their partner’s have said to them:

"My husband's best/worst thing… Me: 'God, I look like a cow...' DH: 'Well, you'd bring home the blue ribbon for sure!' Really? ? " - despicableminion

"I had HG with my first and my husband said to me: 'My mum worked up until she gave birth with me - maybe you just need to move around more'. He is an idiot.

"This pregnancy literally while I was crying over the toilet mid vomit he said: 'Why are you upset, you always get this sick during pregnancy?' This is his fourth experience with a pregnant wife and he still hasn't got a clue." - bwab3

"Mine said 'Could a c-section be worse than getting my appendix out?' Keep in mind that he had this done laparoscopically so he has three tiny scars and they had to pull out an appendix.... NOT A HUMAN.

"He was very serious too. Like in his head he was thinking 'yup, I know what it's like to have a kid, but mine was probably worse'. Oh hell no LOL" - Ende_WFL

"Wow lol. Mine said the other day that he was scared of the idea of a vasectomy... A vasectomy. I have to push a human out of my genitals. And he's scared of a vasectomy. Such a minor procedure that they won't even put him out for it. But that's scarier than labour" - shiann121

"I had a c-section and then 5 weeks later my gallbladder out laptoscopically. So I feel like I can give you an adequate comparison!

"Gallbladder stones/pain was WAY worse than labor but recovery was sooo much easier, so you can pick which parts of that you want to tell him lol" - amycakes12

"My ex (and father of my unborn child) said to me yesterday: 'Have you got any idea how difficult this pregnancy is for me?' and quite regularly texts me to say: 'This is so hard on me, can't you be a bit more supportive?'” - B_J_Bear

"'Childbirth is so natural - I don't know why people make such a big deal about it.' 'So glad the hospital has free wifi! I'll be able to stream the game.' (To my midwife) 'Are all your patients this crazy?' Good thing he's cute," - Aliidmcc

"Once we were watching something where a woman was in labor, and my husband goes 'Why do women yell and scream so much during birth? It's so unnecessary.' Really dude? REALLY?" - eggshelljones

"Went in to our Marshall's clothing store to see if they had a maternity section, they didn't. Husband: 'Isn't plus-size the same thing?'

"I was doing the roll to the side to get out of bed maneuver and he said 'Aww my little roly poly.' I started laughing and he's lucky I wasn't offended. Apparently roly polys are adorable. - stepheli88

"Me explaining how the breast pump works. Him: 'babe, I get it, I used to work on a dairy farm.' Me: 'I hate you'," - EightySixTheWorld

Yikes ???

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