Cute! Mamas & Papas reveal new Peaky Blinders baby clothes

Tweed caps, waistcoasts and rompers inspired by Cillian Murphy's 1910s gangster wardrobe...


Everyone’s going crackers over some new baby clothes from Mamas & Papas…


Because they’re SO obviously inspired by BBC2’s Brummie drama extraordinaire, Peaky Blinders!

Your little one can now mini-me Cillian Murphy and co with a waistcoat/shirt combo, a pair of tweed trousers, a tweed all-in-one and (our absolute fave) a jaunty little tweed cap.

The collection’s not *officially* tied-in with the show as far as we know, but you’d have to be blind(ers) not to see the resemblance.

Check out the Mamas & Papas tweed collection below…

1. Tweed Mock Waistcoat All-In-One, £25

onesie peaky blinders

Age: Newborn – 12 months

2. Tweed Flat Cap, £12

baby tweed cap

Age: 0 – 4 years

3. Tweed Waistcoat & Tie Set, £25


Age: 0 – 4 years

4. Tweed Trouser, £19

tweed trouesrs

Age: 0 – 4 years

Images: BBC2, Mamas & Papas

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