You might remember Chontel Duncan, the fitness trainer whose bump photo went viral for showing just how different pregnant women can look.


Well, she's since had her baby and now the Australian mum's Instagram page is getting attention for a completely different reason – because people are criticising how she's holding her newborn son.

The 27-year-old shared a selfie with her son Jeremiah at 13 days old – but she didn't appear to be supporting his head.

"I’m concerned about how you’re holding the baby," one person commented.

"Omg that baby’s poor neck. Hold your child properly. More important than a selfie," another added.

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Others disagreed with one mum posting: "It’s perfectly fine. Supporting the baby’s head is a myth, my doctor and nurses supported not holding the head and I’m so glad I didn’t, my daughter was stronger than ever."

After reading the negative comments, Chontel reposted the image.

"As explained earlier Miah lifted his head up an for that second that he did so, I just happened to have caught it on camera, before he then laid his head back down on my chest.

"Newborns can lift their own heads up - it's not me standing there with his head flicked back shooting away... So have faith people, and if you honestly don't like my page just click unfollow," she commented.

How should you hold a newborn?

On the NHS website, Midwife Tracey Owen said: "One of the most important things when you are holding your baby is that you’re comfortable, also that the head’s supported.

"The head’s quite heavy for a baby and they have no control over it so leaning it into your arm or your body is the best way to hold your baby.

"One of my favourites is holding it up against your chest... If you put your baby’s bottom into your hand and support it that way and then use your other hand across its shoulders to stop its head lolling around."

Photos: Instagram / Chontel Duncan

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