TV personality (and Mysterious Girl singer) Pete Andre recently appeared on Loose Women - and admitted something that sparked a little controversy on the panel.


The topical chat show ran a segment that asked its panelists: Should you weigh your kids?

And that’s when Peter revealed that he does weigh 9-year-old daughter Princess, and 11-year-old son Junior - out of concern that they’re too skinny.

He began:

“I am conscious of their weight but in a completely different way, and I don’t even know if I’m doing the right thing by weighing them.

“But I weigh them, because I want them to put on weight. Completely opposite end of the spectrum.”

He went on to say that the concern seems to be related to his own childhood weight:

“I was a very skinny kid when I was Junior’s age, and my mum was like ‘eat, eat, eat, eat, eat’, so I ate loads.

“So if I see my kids aren’t eating a lot, I get concerned. So I think ‘OK, I’ll just keep trying to feed them and feed them’. I think it’s a bit of a Greek thing.” (Peter’s got Greek-Cypriot parents, btw.)

"You hear things all the time that kids say at school. My daughter's friend at school though she was overweight and she was very thin. So it concerns me. It's my way of trying to boost them up.”

It’s definitely an interesting - if quite divisive - topic. We don’t know how often he weighs them, but Peter was quick to point out that he “doesn’t weigh them all the time”.

As is the nature of a debate show, two panelists disagreed with his views. Gloria Hunniford simply said: “I don’t even weigh myself let alone my children.”

Meanwhile, Ferne McCann of TOWIE fame weighed in, saying that if she had children, she’d be against putting them on the scales, because it might contribute to a focus on weight and body image in later life.

We would LOVE to know what you think about this… do you weigh your children? Or do you just watch their health and leave the scales to the school/GP? Let us know on Facebook.

Images: Instagram/Peter Andre

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