Oh, if only all expectant dads could go through this!


We are absolutely loving this footage of soon-to-be dad-of-4 Peter Andre 'giving birth' on Loose Women.

Peter's 'baby' was 'born' at the The Birth Hotel, a facility in Amsterdam which lets men experience the pain of labour via a machine that transmits electrical currents to their stomach area.

Sounds like electric shock treatment to us - ouchy. So why on earth did he ever agree to it?

Apparently, it was so he could be a 'better birthing partner' for Emily when she delivers their new baby in the coming weeks.

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The film shows him writhing around in agony, screaming and describing the pain as 'hell' (yep, we know) as his supportive wife Emily sent him a message telling him to 'take it like a man'.

However, the 'birth' does seem to have had a positive effect on Peter - he told the Loose Women panel that the experience had changed his thoughts on childbirth - and that he'd already started acting differently around Emily.

"I was different straight away," he said. "Emily was having a Braxton Hicks - which I call Toni Braxtons - and I knew what she was going through."

And, he said, that when the machine was wacked up to the equivalent of being 10 centimeters dilated, he felt like 'a sledgehammer' had hit him.

But despite donning a 2 and a half stone pregnancy suit for the show, Peter admitted that women do go through so much more than what he could have ever experienced with the simulator - graciously acknowledging the whole 9 months of piles, stretch marks, swollen ankles and other lovely body changes women go through during pregnancy.

"I didn't get the ring of fire either," he joked. (The nickname for that moment when baby's head crowns).

Peter was adamant that his first born would be remaining an only child though, and said he would rather have 20 kidney stones than go through it again. LOL.

So would YOUR partner agree to do this? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook.

Images/Video: ITV/Loose Women

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