Peter Andre: ‘I still don’t kiss Emily in front of the kids’

The dad-of-3 took his time introducing his fiancée to Princess and Junior


Introducing a new partner to your children is never easy, and Peter Andre has admitted he still doesn’t kiss his fiancée in front of the 2 children he had with his ex-wife Katie Price. The 42-year-old made sure he took his time before telling Princess, 7, and Junior, 9, that he was in a new relationship with Emily MacDonagh, 23.


“I didn’t want the kids to get confused because they knew her as a friend,” he told OK! magazine. “We still don’t kiss in front of them now and we slept in separate beds for a year.”

“I think we’re quite protective because they’re kids,” Emily added. “We cuddle and we are more affectionate now. They’re the ones saying: ‘Dad, give Emily a kiss!'”

And although Peter is currently living apart from Emily and the baby, he insists that he and Emily are closer than ever.

“We have never lost the spark – the baby has brought us closer if anything,” he told the Mirror. “We have a rule that we won’t be away from each other more than 5 days. She is living with her mum and dad and I’ll go at the weekend or she will come to me in West Sussex. When you know you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone it’s ok.”

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