Peter Andre’s daughter Amelia is learning Greek already!

Peter's new baby with fiancée Emily MacDonagh is getting her first lessons in his mother tongue


Peter Andre says he’s already trying to teach his 2-month-old baby daughter how to speak Greek.


And it’s not such a daft idea as it might sound: studies do show that children with parents who have different main languages often grow up to be fluent in both languages, if each parent speaks to the child in their native tongue.

“Amelia is just starting to smile and it’s so cute,” says Peter in his new! column. “I know she’s only two months old but I’m speaking Greek to her every day because we think it’s really important for her to learn.”

So is he hoping little Amelia will grow up to be bilingual like her dad?

“I don’t know if it’s working yet,” says Peter, “but she smiles a lot when I’m talking away!”

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