Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom is most stylish dad

Voted best-dressed father of 2011, with David Beckham and Peter Andre close behind


British actor Orlando Bloom has topped the ‘Most Stylish Celebrity Dad’ poll with 71% of the vote.


The Pirates of the Caribbean star and dad of Flynn landed the winner’s spot over other national treasures such as David Beckham, Peter Andre and regular front-runner Jude Law.

The research, compiled by the website My Celebrity Fashion, revealed that 62% voted for him, saying the diversity of his look is his best asset.

With a fierce line up and a lot of contenders, it became a heated battle. Popular daddy David Beckham was left trailing slightly behind with 59% of the vote for his lovable but casual style.

With the style stakes high, the top ten best-dressed famous dads of 2011 were as follows:

  1. Orlando Bloom – 71%
  2. David Beckham – 66%
  3. Peter Andre – 59%
  4. Jude Law – 53%
  5. Matthew McConaughey – 46%
  6. Hugh Jackman – 41%
  7. Will Smith – 36%
  8. Johnny Depp – 29%
  9. Ben Affleck – 26%
  10. Brad Pitt – 22%

Members were also asked to vote for the least fashionable and Charlie Sheen was named and shamed with a whopping 76% of the vote.

Comedy actor Jack Black clinched second place with 61% of the vote, something no mega star wants to hear.

Our favourite Lord of the Rings star has it all now – fame, fortune, a gorgeous family and fantastic style so who knows what’s next?

He might even celebrate by buying a new outfit.

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