Poor parenting contributed to summer riots, says report

Poor parenting and inadequate teaching in schools has been named as some of the contributing factors in the UK riots by an official report


Poor parenting, along with a number of other factors such as young people wanting products they can’t afford and lack of job opportunities, contributed to last summer’s riots, according to a panel report.


The Riots, Communities and Victims panel, put together by the Government to assess why British cities erupted in violence, found a worrying number of what it has labelled “forgotten families”. According to the panel, children from these families blame society for the lack of opportunities available to them.

This attitude, along with a lifestyle where young people are bombarded by advertising and awareness of luxury brands they cannot afford, apparently created a sense that they were entitled to loot from stores. 

The tough news is that parents and schools are among those named as playing a part in creating this attitude.

“We heard from many communities who felt that rioter behaviour could ultimately be put down to poor parenting,” the report said. “We need to consider what can be done to ensure that all children get the right support, control and guidance from parents or guardians.”

The panel also seemed to lay some blame at the feet of teachers for not teaching basic literacy to all pupils. It has been suggested schools be fined if they fail to teach all pupils essential maths and English skills.

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