Pop star pregnant at 50 – with ’20-year-old baby’

Nineties pop sensation Sophie B Hawkins is expecting a child, after freezing 15 embryos at 31


Whoa! We didn’t see this one coming. Singer Sophie B Hawkins is expecting her second baby – at the ripe old age of 50!


Sophie, probably best known for her hit Damn, I Wish I was Your Lover (or should that be mother?), made the decision to freeze some of her eggs 20 years ago when she was at the height of her career.

This means the mum-of-1 will be giving birth to a ’20-year-old baby’ when she has her 2nd child – said to be a girl –  in the summer. 

Sophie told People magazine that she had frozen 15 embryos when she was 31, and felt that the time was now right to extend her family for the sake of her 6-year-old son Dashiell.

‘Dashiell really needs a sibling,’ she said. ‘My son has 1 parent who’s 50. I want him to have a family of young people too!’

Sophie admitted that she did have concerns about her age when deciding to have another baby, and thought at first that she was ‘too old’. 

‘I went through waking up and crying and saying “Am I too old? Will I suddenly at 51 have my knees give out?”‘ she said, but added that she no longer has those fears as she feels ‘healthy and strong’.

Sophie also says that being an older mum-to-be brings with it many advantages: ‘Being 50 is actually an amazing age to have a 2nd child because I am more wise, calm, humorous, appreciative, simple and clear.’

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