Pop stars making children grow up too fast, says music producer

Mike Stock blames Britney Spears and Lady Gaga for sending out the wrong message to young children


Despite helping to launch the career of mega pop star Kylie Minogue, music producer Mike Stock has condemned pop stars for ‘sexualising’ children too early.


“The music industry has gone too far, it’s not about me being old fashioned. It’s about keeping values that are important in the modern world,” he told the Daily Mail. “These days you can’t watch modern stars – like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga – with a 2-year-old.”

Pointing the finger at current acts, particularly R ‘n’ B music videos, deeming them “soft pornography”, Mike blames them for our younger generation acting older than their years too soon. “Kids are being forced to grow up too young. Look at the videos. I wouldn’t necessarily want my young kids watching them,” said Mike.

With a scantily dressed Lady Gaga and her equally revealing song lyrics popping up on our TV screens everyday, Mike believes that the exposure to provocative images is putting pressure on children to wear clothes and make-up too young.

“Before children even step into school, they have all these images and parents can’t control it. Mums of young children are worried because you can’t control the TV remote.”


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