As parents, we're always just waiting for that next probing question from our little ones, right? And usually it's of the 'why has that lady got a beard?' variety when we're in the queue at Asda...


But, awkward or not, kids do ask the most honest questions - and sometimes, we can find ourselves struggling to give them a totes honest, but age appropriate, answer.

Not this amazing mama though - she not only addressed her little boy's out-of-the-blue query about her post-partum tum, but gave him the most lovely of responses.

Sharing a photograph of her 1-week old twin daughters and her stretch mark-covered belly on Instagram, Hayley revealed that her toddler son Archer had asked her what was 'wrong' with her belly.

And her reply was just perfect:

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"Happy one week birthday, ladies ! This morning Archer asked me what’s wrong with my belly and I told him that all of my babies leave marks on my belly so that I never forget for a second that I grew them in my body all on my own and that they exist earthside with me now!

"A forever reminder, whether I’m truly confident having these marks or not, it’s no doubt a testament to the miracles my body has made."

Aw! And isn't that the truth, eh? And not only a lovely explanation for little Archer (and a brill message for him to take into adulthood) but also SO inspirational and reassuring for all those other mums out there.

Well done Hayley!

Pic: th3littlestavenger/instagram

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