Pregnancy diet can affect the sex of your baby

Dairy linked to increased chance of having a girl, finds study


What you eat while trying for a baby and during your pregnancy may determine whether you have a boy or a girl, say scientists in the Netherlands. Foods rich in calcium and magnesium, such as hard cheese, yoghurt and broccoli have been linked to an increased likelihood of having a girl.


As well as your diet, when and how often you have sex has also been linked to your baby’s gender. For a girl, have sex more frequently, but avoid it around the time of ovulation.

However, the study was very small. The researchers looked at the pregnancies of 172 women who had all previously given birth to boys. But the strict rules of the study led to only 21 women continuing it to the end. Of these, 16 had girls. If it’s assumed that by the law of averages, half would have been girls anyway, this is 30% more than expected.

“The results show that both diet and timing methods increase the probability of a girl – the impact of the diet being most pronounced,” said a spokesman for the researchers.


Old wives tales for conceiving a girl include hot baths for your partner and drinking strong cups of coffee before having sex, so perhaps a slight change in diet might be preferable! Just make sure you’re getting all the right nutrients to help you conceive and grow a healthy baby.

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