Pregnancy guaranteed in 1 year…

…or your money back, promises fertility company


A fertility company has launched a money-back offer for its new fertility gadget –  a device that promises to show women when they’re at their most fertile, with 99% accuracy, reports the Daily Mail.


The gadget, DuoFertility, costs £495, and the company behind it, Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd (CTC) has said couples trying to conceive will have unlimited support and advice from their fertility experts, and will get their money back if they don’t manage to conceive with a year.

Recently, 50 UK couples who had troubles conceiving trialed the fertility device. The result? Seven pregnancies.

However, CTC’s marketing team are still very pleased, and CTC’s Susanne Knoepfler said, “We are very proud of this as all the couples had been trying for some time and been through IVF and other treatments. Some of the people on the trial had been trying for 10 years. We wanted to make sure we understood the ordeal our target market had been going through.”

So how does DuoFertility work? The device is a tiny thermometer that’s worn as a patch under your arm. As soon as your temperature goes up half a degree because of ovulation, you’re alerted. Because the ideal time to measure your body’s base temperature when you’re sleeping, the tiny thermometer takes 20,000 readings at night. A hand-held reader processes the patch’s readings, and lets you know if you’ve ovulated in the last two days and if you’re likely to ovulate in the coming six days.


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