Caprice, who is 8 months pregnant, has just become a mother for the first time after a surrogate mother gave birth to her son on Monday.

The 41-year-old model has been trying for a baby since 2011 with partner Ty Comfort. After suffering a miscarriage later that year the couple opted for IVF. After three failed attempts, doctors suggested a surrogate.

The couple settled on a 34-year-old mum of four in California. At Christmas the surrogate fell pregnant with twins – a boy and a girl.

Not long afterwards Caprice discovered that she too was pregnant.

Sadly, the surrogate lost one of the twins, and at the same time Caprice feared her own miscarriage after experiencing some bleeding.

“I went to the sonographer and was preparing myself for the worst, but then as I was sitting on the bed I saw the heartbeat and I was so relieved and happy,” she said in an interview on This Morning.

Following the birth of baby number one on Monday, Caprice told the Sun: "It was the happiest day of my life. I have never loved anything so deeply and been so overwhelmed with emotions. My baby boy is just so beautiful."

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