Pregnant Claire Sweeney suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome

Actress Claire Sweeney has been wearing a wrist support to help ease her symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome


Actress Claire Sweeney, whose first son is due at the end of September, has developed carpal tunnel syndrome and has to wear a wrist support.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is a fairly common pregnancy complaint, triggering pain, tingling and numbness in the hands.

“I have to sleep with my arm in a splint and at first it scared me, but reading about the hordes of other women out there with the same problem made me feel better,” says Claire, of Loose Women and Celebrity Big Brother fame.

She has also been complaining of shoulder pain, and recently started experiencing pain in her pelvis and hips.

Carpal tunnel in pregnancy is usually temporary, disappearing soon after the birth, and luckily Claire doesn’t have long to wait now. 

On September 9, she tweeted: “Chilling out in Liverpool now. Just over two weeks to go and final scan today.”

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