Pregnant Imogen scared of ‘ballooning’ like Jessica Simpson

Ex-Big Brother star voices her weight fears


Sharpen those claws and prepare for a battle of pregnant proportions. Mum-to-be Imogen Thomas has committed one of the ultimate girl-on-girl crimes with negative comments about singer Jessica Simpson‘s weight gain during pregnancy. 


“I’ve gained weight already and I’m trying to control it.” Imogen told New Magazine “I’m worried I’m going to balloon like Jessica Simpson did. She looked so uncomfortable. I felt sorry for her.”

Holding a pity party probably won’t make up for some thoughtless comments. Much has already been written about Jessica’s alleged weight gain, with the singing star speaking out to deny any kind of baby-related weight issues and Tori Spelling publicly jumping to her defence.

Imogen, who discovered she was pregnant in an airport bathroom, is rumoured to be taking slimming sachets to control her appetite during pregnancy. She has also been discussing her ‘healthy’ sex life, telling New that she “wouldn’t want to deprive her man”… perhaps the most natural way to keep fit while pregnant. What do you think – is weight gain during pregnancy an issue?  

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