Pregnant Ivanka Trump barely shows and has a stalker

Donald Trump’s daughter has no sign of a bump six months into pregnancy and takes stalker to court

Despite the life of a pregnant celebrity seeming glamorous and carefree, not all celeb mum-to-bes have it easy – just ask Ivanka Trump.


The 28-year-old daughter of tycoon Donald Trump, who was spotted at an event showing barely a hint of a baby bump despite being six months pregnant, is dealing with a stalker.

Ivanka is taking the self-confessed celebrity stalker to court after he tried to contact her, breaking his restraining order. Troubled Justin Massler, who has changed his name to Cloud Starchaser, is being accused of sending email messages to Ivanka on Twitter.

“I should stop bothering her, but I like her,” the 28-year-old stalker has said, defending his stream of tweets to pregnant Ivanka.


Poor Ivanka!

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