Pregnant actress Jessica Alba has admitted that she's feeling more confident about her second birth as she's planning on having a hypnobirth!

The 29-year-old revealed that she tried self-hypnosis when she gave birth to her first daughter Honor Marie, now 2. "I was freaked my first time going into labour, like, 'What if I panic? What if I just freak out and am not prepared for it?' This just prepares you" Jessica said.

Jessica even says she "highly recommends" it, hinting that she'll be doing the same again when she gives birth to her second child in September.

However, although Jessica doesn't seem to be worried about her impending birth, she has revealed that she's finding her second pregnancy harder than the first. "It's a little harder on the body. My daughter still wants to be picked up and ever since my belly popped she's really on me."