Pregnant Sam Faiers wonders if now’s a good time to wear baby on board badge

The reality TV star was unhappy about not having a seat on the train


There’s nothing worse than enduring busy, crowded public transport when you’re pregnant – especially when you can’t get a seat, so it’s no surprise mum-to-be Sam was a little bit miffed when she had to stand on her train journey yesterday.


The Only Way Is Essex star might only be five months pregnant, but her little baby bump was obviously causing her some discomfort as she took to Twitter over the incident.

“Busy busy train no seat for me my little bump isn’t helping me out today,” she wrote adding that she needed her baby on board badge!

If you’re a London mum-to-be, you probably know all about the badges that are provided by Transport for London. But if you don’t they are such a handy to way to let other travellers know you are expecting, especially when like Sam, your bump isn’t quite at the totally-in-their-faces stage. The idea being that someone will then have the good manners to offer up their seat once they spot it, (or even just not ram their backpack into your tummy…)

We don’t know if poor old Sam managed to sit down eventually, but her Twitter followers were quick to sympathise with her, with one fan telling her to ‘push that bump out and stare at people’ while another urged her to say ‘don’t you know who I am’!

It’s a huge dilemma. As a pregnant woman when should you start donning your baby on board badge, or just asking people for their seat? And as a traveller, is it always the done thing to offer, (we’ve all heard those stories where the brusque reply has been ‘I’m not pregnant’).  

However, given her uncomfortable journey yesterday, we hope Sam wears her badge next time – and that people notice it.

Picture: Sam Faiers/twitter

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