8-month-pregnant Samantha Mumba had a "serious reality check" on Monday when she was involved in a serious car crash. The 3-car pile-up in LA happened just a week before her first baby is due but luckily the singer-turned-actress and her unborn baby are fine.


"So yesterday was a bad day. 3 car crash that we got the brunt of," she commented on Instagram. "My poor car written off a week before the baby is due.

"Clearly God was protecting us....just so grateful that our little girl is ok and this wasn't any worse. Serious reality check."

Samantha even decided to share a selfie taken while she lay on her stretcher on the side of the road with the emergency services all around her.


Samantha was released from hospital the day after the crash, after being monitored over night, and is now preparing for a less eventful birth.

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The Body II Body singer married US cop Torray Scales in February 2012 and soon after, she told the Irish Mirror she was planning ahead for some little Mumbas. “I want to start a family, at some point," she said. "Kids are something I want.”

Last week, Samantha shared a selfie of herself at 36 weeks pregnant and said she was looking forward to wearing something other than leggings! "Fancy bathroom selfie #36weeks #pregnant #preggo #timeisgoingtooslow #wanttomeetheralready #andfitbackintosomethingotherthanleggings," she commented.

She had previously also shared a picture of her baby baby bump at 30 weeks. "Oh don't mind me.....just casually growing baby girl," she commented.

Photos: Instagram / Samantha Mumba

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