Pregnant? Then Harry Judd thinks you’re hot

The McBusted drummer has a 'thing' for pregnant women


If you’ve ever felt self conscious because of your growing bump, swollen feet or bulging boobs then let us stop you RIGHT THERE and let you into a little secret. Harry Judd has a crush on you. Yes, Harry Judd, the fit drummer from McBusted, finds pregnant women “really attractive”. Hurrah!


“I find pregnant women very attractive – I think it’s amazing,” he told the Metro. “Some women can feel quite self-conscious, but I’m one of these guys that finds it really attractive, so bring on the pregnant look.”

The dad-to-be announced that he’s expecting his first child with his wife Izzy back in July.

Harry also said he’s encouraging his wife to eat whatever she wants, adding: “The most important thing is keeping her safe and having a nice healthy baby.”

Nip down to Nandos for us will you Harry? We’re craving some hot wings.

The 29-year-old’s baby is due in January 2016. And he showed just how excited he is by uploading a photo of his wife’s “beautiful” bump on Instagram.

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