Pregnant woman practises putting nappies on her CAT

Luckily the moggy in question doesn't seem to mind too much...


When you’re pregnant, there’s an awful lot to get your head around. Sometimes it seems like even just learning how to hold the baby the right way is too much to ask.


But one pregnant woman has found a nifty way to practise one element of being a new mum – by putting nappies on her cat.


This image of her efforts was shared on Reddit. “So my coworker has been practicing [sic] putting on diapers…” the user who shared the image commented. 

“If she can put a diaper on a cat she’s ready for anything!” one user commented.

“That is an extremely patient cat,” another added.

Did you practise putting nappies on a doll (or animal?!) before your baby came? Anything else you did in preparation for the new life in your, um, life? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Imgur

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