Pregnant women fool airlines to fly

Some mums-to-be are going to extraordinary lengths to travel on a plane during the later stages of their pregnancy


Airlines are finding themselves in a tricky situation as they try to ensure that pregnant women are safe to fly.


Guidelines currently reccomend that mums-to-be don’t fly within five weeks of their due date, as there is no guarantee of good medical care at 30,000 feet.

But recent incidents, including a mum who gave birth in the plane’s toilet after she concealed her pregnancy by wearing baggy clothes, have revealed the minefield that airlines have to face.

“It’s an honour system, and if a lady is willing to take a risk – and a lot of things can go wrong – that’s their liability, not an airline liability,” explained Randy Petersen, from US based magazine Inside Flier.

However, experts believe that putting new rules in for mums-to-be would make things even tougher.

“Ultimately, you are legislating the unlegislatable,” said David Henderson, from the European Association of Airlines.


“If a passenger doesn’t tell you their condition, you have no way of knowing,” David explained.


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