A YouTube-famous couple have hit back at criticism of their pregnancy with some fighting talk (and we love it) ?


Here’s the story: Domonique is pregnant with her and fiancee Chrissy’s 1st child, a baby boy – something they announced to their fans just a few months ago.

The couple revealed on their YouTube channel that they used a sperm donor, and Chrissy performed the insemination herself.

But after receiving a flurry of negative YouTube comments, slamming Domonique for choosing to wear ‘masculine’ clothes (jeans, trainers and snapback caps, it would seem) during her pregnancy, and wondering why her 'feminine' partner was not the one carrying the baby – she decided to hit back.

She took to (an understandably sweary) YouTube vlog to tackle comments such as: "It [her pregnancy] looks weird being she wears boy clothes."

Then she proudly posted a full-on bump snap to her social media channels, writing:

"30 weeks pregnant and PROUD! F*** society and f*** a label. My baby boy is blessed ?

“For all you closed minded people, I got pregnant by a sperm donor. Search it on YouTube. And two F*** YOUR STEREOTYPES ???”

And just for good measure, the happy couple shared a family selfie and a sweet tribute to their unborn son.

dom and chrissy

“Let's give the haters something to talk about. Say hi Domonic ?? Mommy and Mama love you so much already. You're about 2 have the best ??????" she wrote beside it on Twitter.

Very important reminder: we don’t have a ‘pregnant lady’ or ‘new mum’ uniform for a reason - we're all allowed to wear what we want and feel comfortable in. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Domonique, we think you look fab ?

Images: Twitter/Domo and Chrissy

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