We know that lip-kissing your kids is a big talking point.


We remember how vocal everyone was in their defence of Victoria Beckham kissing Harper – and the divide in opinion when Sam Faiers’ (grown-up) boyfriend Paul lip-kissed his mum during an episode of Sam’s reality show.

But despite all the talking, it doesn't seem that the debate’s been settled, as US-based singer Hilary Duff knows all too well.

Hilary – perhaps best known as the star of Disney TV show Lizzie McGuire - recently took a trip to Disneyland with her 4-year-old son Luca.

She shared a simple photo of them kissing on the lips on her Instagram, captioned: “Happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest place on earth! We love you @disneyland ??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??”

But the comments were not so joyful, purely because some Instagrammers took issue with the kiss.

Here's a sample of what was said: "You should not kiss your son like that. There’s other ways to show love but not that one. It’s confusing for him. It’s not healthy."

Luckily for Hilary, fans jumped to her defence, all saying the same thing: he’s only 4! It’s natural! She can do what she wants!

But she definitely didn’t need anyone jumping into her corner – given that she quickly snapped back with a message of her own.

hilary message

It read: “For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my 4-year-old is inappropriate, go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment.”


Whatever your thoughts are on kissing your kids on the lips (we know it’s not for everyone) – it's personal choice and just a way to show affection.

But it seems that some of her followers don't quite see it like that.

Sigh ?

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Images: Instagram/Hilary Duff

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