If you thought we’d all hit peak mum-shaming on Instagram… just wait until you see this.


Mum-of-4 Victoria Beckham has been heavily criticised for sharing a picture of her kissing 5-year-old daughter Harper on the lips.

The fashion designer shared the sweet snap of the mother-daughter moment to wish her little girl a happy birthday.

In the selfie-style shot, Victoria and Harper are shown chilling out in a swimming pool, giving each other a peck on the lips.

It's perfectly innocent... but the trolls came in with their comments thick and fast, accusing Victoria of being 'disgusting'.

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One wrote: “Horrible pic. David Beckham’s birthday pic is much nicer and less controversial than this stupid b*itch’s.”

“Why are parents kissing their kids on the lips????” asked another.

One Instagrammer added that while she got that parents should show affection with kisses - it was specifically the lips she had an issue with.

“My mom gave me kisses on my forehead which I found much more valuable but it's my right to find this [lip-kissing] disgusting."

A few of the comments were so rude we daren't even post them!

While we might not all choose to kiss our kids on the lips - which is fair enough - doing so certainly doesn’t warrant the torrent of abuse Victoria’s faced.

Loads of parents who think there's absolutely nothing wrong with Vic's picture have defended her, even posting their own lip-kiss photos on Twitter as a show of support:

This isn't the first time this debate’s been brought up – people first started discussing it when Sam Faiers’ (grown up) boyfriend Paul kissed his mum on the lips.

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Images: Instagram / Victoria Beckham

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