Victoria Beckham in embarrassing mum shocker

Polished Victoria poses for photo that’s sure to make her kids blush. But it certainly had MFM HQ giggling!


Remember how you thought your parents were embarrassing as a kid? Spare a thought for the Beckham boys. As if they haven’t got enough to deal with – globally famous parents, trying to pick up an American accent, confusing slang terms…now their parents post a pic that, say it quietly, suggests they have sex! We can almost feel their faces burning with embarrassment from here.


The cheeky couple shared a pic of Victoria cleverly placed to look like she’s holding David’s baby making equipment in a snap that shows off their playful side. This humorous pic confirms Victoria’s recent comment in guardian weekend, “Contrary to rumour, sometimes I can be quite a laugh”.

Mum-of-four Victoria also revealed she has somewhat of an ally in daughter Harper. The gushing designer, who has been taking NY Fashion Week by storm, noted, “Finally there’s someone in my house who likes fashion more than premiership football. Result.” Let’s just hope Harper forgives her when she’s old enough to understand this latest pic…


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