Pregnant Zara Phillips will stay in the saddle

Despite coming off her horse while pregnant, the royal insists she will keep competing


Silver Olympic medallist, Zara Phillips, will carry on competing in horse racing events for several more weeks at least.


Zara, who is thought to be around three months pregnant, competed at the Barbury International Horse Trials at the weekend. She came off her horse, but said she was fine.

The Queen’s 32-year-old granddaughter is expecting her first baby with rugby player husband, Mike Tindall in the new year, Buckingham Palace announced yesterday.

Zara is entered into three horse racing events later this month. Her spokesperson said she wouldn’t take any risks: “She couldn’t be happier about the baby and would never put her pregnancy in jeopardy.

”She is entered into several events, but as with any rider, they treat each event on a case-by-case basis and if she pulls out of an event it will be because the horse isn’t ready, rather than her.

“She’s following medical advice and is listening to what her doctors are saying.”

The NHS recommends that women stop horse riding during pregnancy in case of an accident. In a report for the Hong Kong Jockey Club, obstetrician Professor Michael Rogers said: “In a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy, horse riding per se does not cause any obstetric problems unless an accident occurs.”

Exercise is not dangerous during pregnancy. In fact, continuing to exercise is beneficial for pregnant women: the fitter you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for your body to adapt to your changing shape and you’ll be able to cope with labour better. The NHS recommends that, if you’re pregnant, you should be able to have a conversation while exercising – if you become breathless, you’re probably over-doing it.

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