Premature baby saved by world-first op

“Little fighter” Taylor becomes the smallest baby to be fitted with a pacemaker


Surgeons at Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne, Australia, have performed a world-first medical procedure that has saved the life of a premature baby.


Born at 24 weeks and weighting a tiny 541g, baby Taylor Gardener’s cherry sized heart has been fitted with a pacemaker outside her body. Believed to be the smallest baby to undergo such an operation, the pacemaker is almost bigger than she is.

“It was a very difficult task because of the sheer size of the little baby, she was very, very small,” Dr Veldman told The Times. Taylor’s mum, Rebecca, described her as a “feisty little fighter” and said that Taylor had won the hearts of everyone at the hospital. “All the doctors and nurses just love her,” she said. “She is a total miracle.”

Taylor now weighs a healthier 720g and doctors are delighted with her recovery. Once she reaches abut 2kg, she will be fitted with an internal pacemaker and go on to lead a completely normal life.


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