Preschooler scarred for life by henna tattoo

Four-year-old boy left with angry burn mark after having temporary henna tattoo on holiday


A boy aged 4 suffered horrific burns to his arm after he reacted to a temporary henna tattoo, reports the Daily Mail.


Four-year-old Charlie Latimer begged his parents to let him have the floral design while on holiday in Portugal. Within days his upper arm began to bleed and blister after reacting to the dye.

Following the family’s return to the UK, Charlie was rushed to hospital and put on a course of antibiotics. He has been left with a two-inch scar of a flower on his bicep, which could remain there for the rest of his life.

Charlie’s mum Katie Latimer said, “My son’s beautiful, smooth 4-year-old skin is now all blistery and scarred. Charlie has been told he can never have a tattoo or dye his hair for the rest of his life due to the seriousness of his reaction.”

Henna, a natural plant extract, fades within 10 days and is usually completely harmless.


Dr Chris Lovell, a consultant dermatologist at Bath’s Royal United Hospital, where Charlie was treated, said parents should be aware of the dangers henna poses.


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