Pretend pregnancy makes Eastenders’ star broody!

Eastenders’ Charlie Brooks says she’s thinking about another baby


Charlie Brooks, aka love-her, hate-her Janine in TV soap Eastenders, has told Inside Soap magazine that pretending to be pregnant for the current storyline has left her thinking about a new baby in real life, too. The 31-year-old actress already has 7-year-old Kiki.


“Wearing the fake baby bump was a pain at times, but it made me broody,” Charlie admits. “I’ve found myself fondling the bump boing, ‘Ah, I could really do this all over again!” she said.

In the storyline, Janine gives birth to baby Scarlett prematurely and has to wait to see if she’ll survive. 

“I don’t know how she [Janine] would react if anything happened to her child,” Charlie said. “I would think that something like that would change a person for life – but you never know with Janine!”

Charlie split from Kiki’s father Tony Truman – who was 13 years her senior – in 2006.

She told the Mail last month that she was planning a 6-month sabbatical from the show and would be touring Europe with Kiki in a campervan.

Bon voyage, Charlie and Kiki!

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