Preterm baby fed 3,000 calories a day

A toddler born three months early is being given a high-calorie diet

A baby who was born 11 weeks early needs to eat around 3,000 calories a day to catch up with her peers.


Agatha Holloway weighed just 3lb 11oz at birth and suffered a number of health problems which prevented her from putting on any weight.

Medics have advised mum Samantha to feed her extra fat and protein so she is able to grow like other tots her age.

The 16-month-old is being fed high-fat foods such as clotted cream, roast duck, oily vegetables and chocolate to help her grow – eating in a day the same amount of calories as a grown man.

A dietician has insisted that the high fat diet will have no bad effects when Agatha grows up and that it is important in order for her to develop normally.    

Samantha, 35, told the Mirror: “We used to weigh her bib before each meal, and then afterwards to calculate how much food was wasted. If she hadn’t eaten enough, we had to keep trying throughout the day.

“Now she’s eating more for herself and is drinking from a cup and straw.”


A children’s dietician at Agatha’s hospital in Surrey added: “Some children do need extra calories to help them grow.”

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