Prima Baby meets Kym Marsh

Actress Kym Marsh talks motherhood through the ages and stages


Actress Kym Marsh, 35, is best known as Michelle Connor in Coronation Street. She is mum to Polly, 1, Emily, 14, and David, 16.


Prima Baby: There’s a big age gap between your first two children and Polly. How have things changed in the world of parenting?
Kym Marsh: Everything’s changed from basic things like sterilising bottles – it was tablets in cold water when David was a baby – to my own circumstances. I’m in a better position financially, but don’t have the energy I had when David and Emily were babies. That said, I wasn’t working back then, which makes a difference.

PB: So do you have two babysitters on hand?
When they’re a bit older, certainly. Polly is obsessed with her big brother – she shouts his name and her face lights up when she sees him. It’s sweet.

PB: You’re supporting the British Toy & Hobby Association’s Make Time To Play campaign. What sort of activities do you like to do with Polly?
I think that what children crave is your time and attention; the games you play are secondary. That said, Polly loves her mini trampoline, and her Winnie the Pooh baby walker – she zooms around with it. We also read lots of books and play hide and seek. It’s not all about expensive toys – it’s great to see children use their imaginations.

PB: Are you seeing Polly’s personality emerge?
She’s a very happy baby, very bubbly and sociable. She’s also got tons of energy – she’s just like Emily in that sense. Emily was always raring to go as a toddler, and she’d be on the trampoline from 7.20am until teatime if she could!

PB: Polly was seven weeks premature. That must have been a scary time for you…
It was, and I feel thankful for my family every day. Polly was a little behind with her milestones at first, but she’s really caught up. I’m so grateful that she is healthy (Kym lost a baby, Archie, in 2009, after he was born 18 weeks early). I have very difficult pregnancies, and have decided that this is it. My family is complete.


Kym Marsh is supporting The British Toy & Hobby Association’s Make Time To Play campaign.

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