Awww, who can't remember the excitement of being allowed to stay up a little bit late in your jim-jams to say a quick 'hello' and 'good night' to your mum and dad's friends?


Not that any of us can recall our parents having the President of America and First Lady round for dinner, of course.

But, regardless of the importance of the guest list, Prince George wasn't prepared to stand on ceremony, greeting the presidential party fresh out of the bath and in his uber-cute pyjamas and towelling dressing-gown.

Kate and William's eldest spurned bed (we are told he was given a 15-minute extension) in favour of showing the Obamas his rocking-horse riding prowess (his steed was a present from the couple when he was born) while his proud mum looked on.

Prince George meets Obama

Gifting skills are obviously something of a First Family forte, as George was also keen to let Barrack and Michelle see that the replica soft toy of their dog Bo, which they sent him when Princess Charlotte was born, was also a much-loved present.

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The Prince was playing with the fluffy toy when the Obamas arrived, and it was later to be seen in a typical just-abandoned-by-a-toddler position on a plush footstool!

But it was George's sweet bed attire that has really got everyone talking - his monogrammed dressing gown, said to be a bargain £27 affair from My 1st Years, reportedly sold out within minutes of the pics being published, although is now available on pre-order.

The brand also has similar robes still in stock via Not on the High Street. George's blue velvet aeroplane slippers from Trotters also caused a run-on sales, promptly selling out (although the purse-friendly £12 price tag probably also helped).


If you are keen to emulate the royal look for your own little prince or princess we have found some similar items though - monogramming your own John Lewis white robe is one option (or asking granny to), or if you just want the cute factor (and with added ears) you can't go wrong with the White Company's hydrocotton baby robe.

But regardless of who they are meeting or where their togs are from, isn't EVERY toddler just heart-meltingly cute in the jimmy-jams? (Yes!)

Pictures: Kensington Palace

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