Prince William’s not-so-surprising parenting move

We've seen this hailed as an 'amazing' tip, and it is pretty useful if you didn't know it already...


The way Prince William talks to 3-year-old son Prince George has been hailed as ‘amazing’.


But for many of us it’s probably just, well, a very normal way of talking to your little one.

The dad of 2 and King-to-be was snapped kneeling down to talk to Prince George on his level.

It’s something we’ve also seen the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, do on various public outings when she needs to have a chat with her little boy.

Prince William’s been doing this for a while – even receiving a telling-off from his grandma, Queen Elizabeth II, for deploying the technique during her 90th birthday celebrations.

Who could forget that subtle “Stand up, William”, forever immortalised in GIF form?

Kneeling or sitting down to make eye contact (if physically possible) can be reassuring for children. It’s also probably better for your back than having to carry them all the time ?

We kid, but seriously, this one’s good to know if you weren’t already aware, right?

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