Proud dad Peter Andre thinks Junior’s going to be a star

Pop star reveals his son shares the same love for Michael Jackson that he had as a child

Peter Andre believes that his son Junior, 5, has the potential to be a pop star, just like him.


The dad-of-three revealed that Junior shares his passion for the late Michael Jackson, and is so talented he nearly asked his son to join him on stage during his last tour!

“When he came to the last tour, I didn’t want to bring him on stage at night because I didn’t think it was quite right, but in rehearsals he was incredible,” Peter said at the launch of his new TV show.

“He’s as fascinated with Michael Jackson as I was as a kid. I take Junior back to the old-school Jackson stuff. I’m talking Off The Wall and the ‘Bad’ tour, and that kid is glued.”


“I’m telling you that kid is going to be a star. I’m going to be going to his concerts. I can’t wait,” said Peter.


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