Pub tells mum to stop breastfeeding

New mum told to stop feeding as other customers were eating their lunch


A mum of a 10-week-old baby was asked to stop breastfeeding in a pub in North London, because it was putting other pub goers off their food.


Elizabeth Simpson, 28, was having lunch in the Freemasons Arms in Hampstead, North London, when she finished her meal, covered her chest with a scarf and began breastfeeding her baby.

She was then asked to stop by one of the pub’s waitresses, as she was apparently putting off the other diners who were still eating.

A spokesperson for the Freemasons Arms has since apologised to Miss Simpson, saying,  “Breastfeeding in the pub is perfectly acceptable and our team is trained to offer support as and when requested. If this was not the case on this occasion, then we sincerely apologise.”


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