Rachel Zoe works on laptop with newborn

That’s a pose new mums will know well!


Whether you’re trying to browse Amazon or grabbing a few minutes on Facebook, we know using a laptop as a new mum can be hard.


So when 2-month-old Kaius dozed off to sleep on her chest, Rachel Zoe grabbed her laptop and clicked away while she could!

Of course, being a stylist her first priority was catching up on the fashion at New York Fashion Week.

The 42-year-old reclines in bed as her second child, born December 22, sleeps soundly on her chest.

She commented: “This is how @msjordanjohnson of @rachelzoestudio and I watch the Oscar de la Renta show when No wifi at the office #ODLRLIVE #RZFW #STUNNING”

She’s lucky her 2-year-old son Skyler wasn’t looking for a nap-time cuddle too or she wouldn’t have been able to multitask!

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