Rebecca Adlington speaks out about ‘cotton wool pregnancy’

The Olympic swimmer is planning on returning to work just 2 months after giving birth


She was determined in the swimming pool and now Rebecca Adlington appears equally determined about dealing with her pregnancy and going back to work after she gives birth. “Women have been having babies for millions of years so there’s no need to wrap yourself in cotton wool during pregnancy,” she told the Mail on Sunday


The 25-year-old Olympic gold medallist is planning to work right through her pregnancy (“provided everything goes well”) and is hoping to return to work 2 months after giving birth next summer. 

“I’m due on 4 June and the World Swimming Championships are in early August, so I’d love to be ready to work by then,” she explains. 

Rebecca married fellow swimmer Harry Needs, 22, in August and conceived on their honeymoon in Venice, Italy. “Honestly, we weren’t planning it,” she said. “I didn’t even know when ovulation happens! We both feel like we’ve done a lot of living and grown up quite young, so we didn’t see any point in waiting years before trying for a family.”

So how is Rebecca feeling in early pregnancy? “My main problem has been tiredness – in those early weeks, I had to keep going back to bed for naps in the day, which isn’t like me at all,” she said. “Harry and I still swim together twice a week. The tiredness of those early weeks of pregnancy meant that I didn’t feel up to much, but now I’m swimming again as I know it’s safe.”

She hasn’t got any pregnancy cravings just yet but has gone off coffee. Rebecca also revealed how she’s preparing for labour. “Harry and I already love birth shows such as One Born Every Minute, and he’s not at all worried by blood and gore so he’ll definitely be hands-on at the birth,” she said. “Of course, I’m more scared than he is.”

Do you agree with Rebecca’s views about being wrapped in cotton wool during pregnancy?

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