Rebecca Adlington’s ‘watermelon’ baby bump on due date

And her husband Harry gives her a pedicure ready for the birth...


It’s officially Rebecca Adlington’s due date – June 4 – and the former Olympic swimmer reveals her full-term bump is the size of a watermelon.


Sharing a selfie of her 9-month bump on Instagram, she commented: “‘I carried a watermelon’… Well my pregnancy app tells me she’s the size of a watermelon and certains feels that way!!!  #ouch #pregnancy #pleasecomeoutsoon#excited.”


And Rebecca wants to look her best for labour – so she roped her husband Harry Needs into helping her. Deftly painting Rebecca’s toes a lovely coral shade, we reckon this isn’t Harry’s first time on pedicure duty – and why not when Becks can’t reach her toes! “This is what married life is all about! Thank you @harryneeds #cantseemyfeet #pregnancyproblems,” she commented.

The 26-year-old will soon welcome her first child with husband Harry – enjoy the peace and quiet while you can folks!

Did you go over your due date? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Instagram / Rebecca Adlington

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