Rebecca Ferguson’s new baby Arabella: first pic

The X Factor star reveals her heartbreak over break-up with her baby daughter’s dad


Rebecca Ferguson only gave birth to her baby daughter 2 weeks ago, but she’s been just dying to show her off. And today, we got our first look at Arabella in a glossy magazine shoot.


Dressed in peach velvet, Arabella sleeps soundly while Rebecca gives her best proud-mum grin. The newborn already has a full head of dark hair to match her mum’s – what a cutie!

But although the X Factor contestant’s life might look perfect in this idyllic shot, Rebecca’s revealed that not everything’s been going quite so smoothly since she fell pregnant with her 3rd baby. In fact, Arabella’s dad ended his relationship with Rebecca when she told him she was expecting – and said he already had another girlfriend. 

“I was fuming when I found out; I was so angry,” she told Hello! magazine. “The way I was treated was wrong. I think some people think you’re devastated because you want the man but it’s not that. It’s devastating for a woman because it’s a normal thing for your child to be wanted.”

“I don’t hold any hate towards him,” Rebecca continued. “He wasn’t ready to be a dad and that’s up to him. I’m not in his shoes and I can’t force him. I’m happy with his decision now and I wish him and his partner well.”


Luckily, Rebecca isn’t completely alone and her good friend Karl Dures – who’s the father of her elder 2 children, has offered to raise Arabella as his own.

“Karl has been a huge support; we’re really good friends,” she said. “He was there for the birth and he has offered to adopt her and be her dad, too. He has given her his name, which is lovely, so she will be the same as the other kids.”

And Rebecca, now a mum-of-3, says she’s been spending the past few days happily settling in at home with her newborn.

“I am absolutely head over heels madly in love… with Arabella. I cry everyday with how unbelievably grateful I am for her little life,” Rebecca commented on Instagram, next to a beautiful selfie (above) with her daughter.

Photos: Hello! magazine and Instagram / Rebecca Ferguson

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