REVEALED: Darren Miller’s the latest Eastender daddy!

Newly engaged teenager unveiled as dad to baby George Michael

After keeping viewers in the dark for the past nine months, the identity of the dad to newborn George Michael has been revealed as Darren Miller.


The who’s-the-daddy plot involved four main Eastenders characters, including Phil Mitchell, Minty Petersen, Billy Mitchell and Darren Miller. Whilst many believed the dad would be loveable Minty, who was briefly married to Heather Trott, others swayed towards bad boy Phil Mitchell.

However, when the biological dad walked through the hospital doors greeted by Heather and baby George Michael, we were as shocked as him! The 18-year-old lad, who recently got engaged to his sweetheart Libby, looked gobsmacked as he peered into the room, and when Heather said, “George, this is your daddy,” Darren ran away!


How, when and why the conception on Valentine’s night happened will appear on your screens throughout this week.

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