Reward to find mother of abandoned babies

Officials in the small town of Orosi, California, are hoping a US$5000 reward will help them find the parents of three babies abandoned in the last two years.


DNA tests have established all three babies were almost certainly born to the same mother. The first two babies probably had the same father, but the third was fathered by a different man.


The first newborn was discovered swaddled in a blanket on an outdoor bench. Then, at neat 11-month intervals, two more abandoned babies were found in parked pickups in the same neighborhood.

All three newborns were found within a two-block radius. The first two – a boy and a girl – survived and are now wards of the state. The third baby was found dead of exposure.


Police said the mother could face criminal charges, but they also said they want to make sure she doesn’t do it again and isn’t in some kind of distress.

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