Robbie Williams rebuffs Chris Evans’ birth advice

Dad-to-be Robbie says he’ll still do gigs around wife Ayda’s due date...


…and just pretend he has a helicopter on standby!


Robbie Williams was recently said to be taking pre-birth advice from Victoria Beckham, but it seems he’s not so keen to follow new dad Chris Evans’ advice.

Catching up with the dad-to-be on his Radio 2 show, Chris advised Rob to have a helicopter waiting if he plans to gig around his wife’s due date.

Chris has recent experience of this rather elaborate approach to arriving at the hospital, after he had to do a quick helicopter dash from the Hay Festival to be at the birth of his son Eli.

Admitting he and Ayda have had “a bit of a falling out” over his work commitments, Rob said, “I’m going to pretend. This is what I’m going to tell her [Ayda] there is some helicopter behind the gig in Dublin, but that’s expensive, so I’m not really going to do it,” reports the Daily Mail.

Chris, seemingly not on board with Rob’s cavalier approach, warned, “Don’t say there’s anything standing by if that isn’t standing by.”

While Robbie might be throwing caution to the wind with due dates, it seems he’s keen to keep the name of he and Ayda’s daughter secret. Speaking to Capital FM Breakfast Robbie said, “We do have a name but we’re not going to get it out in case it gets tweeted.” He added, “As a celebrity we’re supposed to call them Aubergine or something like that aren’t we? I do have a sort of celebrity name but it’s not Appleesque. It’s a very solid, old-school name.”

On where they’ll raise their daughter, Robbie added, “I had a conversation with the wife last night about where’s we’re going to end up, but we still don’t know.” Watch this space.


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